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The remaining members of The Beatles are ‘on the road again’. Yay!

The band’s drummer, Ringo Starr, has released a new track, “We’re On The Road Again,” on July 27, Thursday. It is one of the songs in his upcoming 19th solo album Give Me More Love.

This is the duo’s first team up in 7 years, the last being Walk with You back in 2010.

The possibility of another collaboration between the members of the iconic English rock band was made known February this year, when Starr tweeted a photo with McCartney.

“Thanks for coming over man and playing great bass. I love you man peace and love,” he tweeted.

Rolling Stone described McCartney’s contribution to the song as “surprisingly punk-styled bass guitar.”

Starr and McCartney have released a string of songs about roads in the past such as “The Long and Winding Road,” “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” and an album with The Beatles titled, Abbey Road.

Give Me More Love will be available in digital and CD format on September 15.

Listen to the “We’re On The Road Again here:

Photo from ET


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