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Gone are the days when all it takes to listen to music is a tiny box-shaped gadget and its clickwheel; after almost 16 years with more than 400 million units sold, Apple officially lets go of its version of the MP3 music player, the iPod. *sigh*

In a statement from Apple, the company announces the removal of iPod nano and iPod shuffle in their website, leaving only one model available for purchase, the iPod touch, with its first update since 2015. The device is also now offered with 32GB and 128GB storage. But loyal iPod users know that iPod touch seems more like an iPhone-lite than an iPod itself.

As per the terminated units, the original iPod was Apple’s version of a portable music gadget with similar features like that of a MiniDisc and Walkman.

And if in case you’re wondering why this is a sad news —as much as everyone might have already anticipated this day to happen because iPod no longer sells— here’s the reason still: iPod was the first successful consumer electronic device of Apple which contributed a lot to its breakthroughs today.

Over the years though, the number of iPod units sold has drastically decreased, to a point that Apple did no longer bother to report its sales and profit, and started categorizing iPod as one of its “Other Products” selection. Apparently, iPod purchases were no longer enough to survive the market competition.

Back then, disregarding matters of legality, music was for free. Without the need to download online or to have subscription, people had the music they wanted anytime and anywhere.

But as with every progress, change is demanded. With the advent of technological modernization, music is now readily available in our smartphones, and in the name of convenience, who would choose to listen to a device which purpose is just a feature of a smartphone?

For Dan Luigi Tating, a Computer Engineering student and a tech savvy who once owned an iPod, he saw this already coming.

“The functions of an iPod exist in an iPhone. This became a big news because iPod is no doubt an iconic device, it helped Apple recover from bankruptcy. It’s also a common business practice anyway, when one does not sell, it will no longer be sold,” he said.

Apple also encouraged buyers to consider gadgets like Mighty to use with Spotify, or an Apple Watch which also has a music feature.

According to John Angelo Gan, a music enthusiast who bought an iPod before, the termination of iPod only proves that technology never ceases to develop.

“This only means that developers and their ideas are getting better, they offer new products that suit are contemporary lifestyle,” he explained.

True enough, iPod only leaves the market, but it certainly remains in history and in our hearts forever.


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