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Photo from Fone Arena

Good news: Uber now allows you to save places other than your home and work for quick access in the app! Yayy!

Uber riders can easily save their favorite destinations and name them for easy access. It means you can now add your bff’s address, favorite gig place, or restaurants, all under your Saved Places list. You can even use emojis for the names!

The popular car-booking app has studied their customers, realizing that riders visit around a dozen places repeatedly, and addresses are one of the hardest things to remember over and over again.  

If you’re wondering how to save an address, just simply tap “Where to” on the home screen. Then, select “Saved Places and Friends” and “Add Saved Place”. To access a saved place, tap “Where to?”, and then tap “more saved places” and select from your own curated list. Easy peasy!

The Saved Places feature is now available to PH riders on both iOS and Android, stay tuned for Saved Places to expand later this year!


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