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Have you heard about this new mobile application that allows you to rent a date, a fitness buddy, and even a social media boyfriend/girlfriend?

Yes, you’ve read it right. There’s a new app called Pangga which is a platform that “enables millennials to avail a companionship service in order to build a healthy self-esteem in todays ‘Me Me Me Generation’.” Woah!

watch out! soooonnn…

Posted by Pangga on Friday, June 23, 2017

They are offering companion for hire services for clients who wants a pangga (derived from a Visayan term of endearment) “to portray a specific role in his/her distinct situation.”

According to their website, there are different categories or services to choose from:

  • Social Media boyfriend/girlfriend: The pangga can act as your special someone on Facebook. You can even have an ‘In a Relationship’ status with the Pangga as well as exchanges of sweet posts and comments. Pak! 
  • Rent a date: You can also hire someone to portray a role of your boyfriend in any occasions like birthdays, meet-the-parents, or family reunions. A good way to avoid the “Nasaan boyfriend mo?” questions of your titas, no?

But there are limitations strictly observed and implemented: holding hands are allowed only in special circumstances; massaging your hands occasionally (lol, whut?); play games/cards; watch movies; and selfies. Kissing and akbay (arm over shoulder) are strictly not allowed.

  • Active: Do you want to achieve your fitness goals with someone? A pangga can double as your fitness buddy, too!
  • Local guide: A service availed if you want someone to show you around the city. Sounds fun!
  • Heart-to-heart chat: The pangga could be hired as a “listener” if in any case you want to have heart-to-heart talk.

Before raising your eyebrows, the app claims that they are not offering escort services and sexual providers. They also stated that aside from the Pangga’s screening, both the client and the pangga are required to have an internet connection so that they could monitor locations via GPS for the safety of both parties.

Pangga also posted an announcement on Facebook saying that they are currently looking for males who can fill the following roles:

  • Active Companion – A fitness coach or someone with an active lifestyle that be a fitness buddy to clients
  • Boyfriend Actor Companion – Can act as a boyfriend to clients (portrayal only, no inappropriate contact)
  • City Guide Companion

Hi everyone!Are you interested to become one of our Pangga Partners? Pangga App is the first on-demand city guide…

Posted by Pangga on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The beta version of the app is only available for download by request through Pangga’s website. For more details, you can contact Pangga through their Facebook page, or email them at and/or

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