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Two classic favorites in one!

American shoe brand Sperry is releasing a shoe collection inspired by the much-loved Star Wars films.

The announcement was made on the brandā€™s website and social media accounts on Thursday, August 10.

Crash landing tomorrow.šŸ’„ 40 years ago, C-3PO and R2-D2 escaped from the Death Star with blueprints and set out on aā€¦

Posted by Sperry onĀ Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The collection was made in celebration of the 40th anniversary of A New Hopeā€˜s release back in 1977, the very first film in the Star Wars franchise that started the worldwide phenomena that we now know (and have become a part of).

Set for an August 10 release in the US, the collection will include 5 shoe designs on slip-ons and Sperryā€™s signature Canvas Vulcanized Oxfords (CVOs). The fan in you will surely be triggered as images and logos were imprinted on the footwear. OMG!

Star Wars super-fan and collection designer Joe Napurano captured the filmsā€™ highlight concepts such as the Empire and the Rebellion, Luke and Darth Vader, the spaceĀ battles, and even the Rebel pilotsā€™ jumpsuits.

McQuarrie Cloud Slip-On
Rebel Pilot Cloud CVO

His favorite characterĀ R2-D2ā„¢, together with C-3POā„¢, is also a star in the collection.

The two walking across the desert, which the designer found hilarious watching the movie for the first time as a kid, is depicted in The Droid Cloud slip-on (Our favorite pair!), one of the three itemsĀ in the bunch carrying theĀ theme of friendship.

Droid Cloud Slip-On

ā€œThe asymmetrical buddy packs were inspired by the idea that the films are a classic story of good versus evil, where friendship and loyalty is a critical element. The dialog was far from Shakespearean, but in the filmā€™s structure you get the morality story pretty clearly. Help your friends, fight evil, save the universe,ā€ he explained in an interview with Sperry. Good going, Joe!

The Sperry x Star Wars collection will be available in the US and in select regions around the world includingĀ Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Panama, Germany, and Canada, and the Philippines. (Yes, you read that right!)

Which pair will you purchase and add to your Star Wars collection? We wouldnā€™t mind buying all.

Photos from Sperry andĀ Comic Book


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