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Want to taste the flavors of Europe without the travel hassle? One restaurant has it all for you.

Japanese-European fine bistro Epilogue has officially opened its doors to diners, bringing the best of global travel cuisine for the Filipino taste buds.

The home-grown resto promises to give its diners a gastronomical feast with an unlikely, yet delicious combo: the Western flair and the Eastern care. 

“We wanted something unique, something different and this is definitely not a very common mixture,” Food Revolution Group President Alyanna Uy told MB Life, sharing how the concept of Epilogue started when an opportunity to meet master chefs came around two years ago as well as their love for travel cuisine.

She said more than the sights you visit when traveling, it’s really the food that leaves an impact.

“There goes a saying that, ‘Every meal takes you on a journey to a new destination,’  so that’s what we want to bring here. We want to bring the world to you,” she added.

All having 20 or more years of combined training and experience in various parts of the world, Epilogue’s chefs practice kodawari, the Japanese prinicple of dedication to excel and master in a chosen craft.

“Because they really wanted to perfect everything that will be served, the chefs have been developing, refining, honing everything that’s on the menu, so that’s why it took some time before we were able to launch the full ala carte menu,” Uy explained.

Head baker Tomohide Ono, Italian cuisine specialist Hayato Mitsuhashi, pastry chef Kenji Ishihara, steak master Minoru Sorimachi and French cuisine specialist Hiroyuki Meno work seamlessly together for a carefully-curated menu for the Filipino diners.

The grand launch was no different. Chef Meno created a special menu to showcase what the place has to offer.

Appetizers from left: Watermelon Gazpacho from Spain, Escabeche from the Mediterranean countries and Focaccia from Italy

Main course included: Canard, smoked duck with red wine-dalandan béarnaise from France

Dessert: Passionfruit sorbet with exotic fruits, lemograss gelee, and raspberry coulis

Just like the conclusive chapter of a book, Epilogue is where diners can taste only the best dishes and where stories intersect with chefs who skillfully display the culmination of their culinary journeys.

So while the cooking expertise of the Japanese and the specialty dishes from various parts of Europe are an unlikely pair, it works. It works exceptionally well.

Photos by Madel Crudo

Epilogue is located at the ground floor of S Maison, Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. 


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