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On Monday, Aug 14, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has suspended the accreditation and operations of Uber System Inc. (Uber) for a month.

Uber quickly issued a motion for reconsideration and announced in a Facebook post that they are resuming their operations in Manila and Cebu on Tuesday, Aug 15, until the motion is resolved. But on the same day, the LTFRB denied the motion for reconsideration by the transport network company (TNC) to appeal its one-month suspension.

Twitter peeps are known for being witty, but this time they expressed their dismay in a serious tone. Here are some of the most appropriate reactions that we’ve seen:

The most important thing about this issue is that Uber drivers will be jobless and many Filipinos will suffer by this sudden suspension. It’s quite saddening but we’re still hoping that our government officials will do their job in resolving this matter. And tbh, this job also includes listening to the public’s pulse and taking into consideration every tweet, post, and reaction from netizens.


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