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Local hair care brand Cream Silk unveiled it’s newest transformation and it’s best line of conditioners to date: the Cream Silk Customized Solutions. 

Catering to every evolving Filipina hair need, the all new range aims to inspire women to embark on their own journeys of transformation and champion modern Filipina empowerment, starting with beyond beautiful hair. 

“With the launch of Cream Silk’s All-New Customized Solutions, we want to give Modern Filipinas the power to transform their hair by providing them a full range of conditioners formulated for any hair type. Cream Silk believes that having control over their hair enables every Modern Filipina to have the #PowerToTransform,” said Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever’s Marketing Director for Hair Care.

We’re told that this was formulated in collaboration with Unilever’s global team of researchers so we were very excited to learn about what the brand has come up with.

Here are 4 of the things we love about the new Cream Silk:

1. New formulation

The Advanced Hair Reborn Technology was added into the new Cream Silk, starting with the best possible conditioner structure. Unilever Philippines Head of Research and Development Marlo Mangilin considers this as “the heart of the product.”

“We tried to make our conditioners sheet-rich to achieve the richest conditioning possible,” he said, describing how ‘sheets’ are more efficient at keeping hair fibers apart (a.k.a. untangling) compared to ‘beads’ in a standard conditioner structure.

The new Cream Silk also contains lysine, replenishing lost hair protein and Vitamin B5, which is essential for hair health.

“These nutrients are important because it makes hair lock in moisture longer, making the hair fiber flexible, resilient and therefore, manageable, softer and smooth,” he added.

Now better than ever, the all-new range has Advanced Hair Reborn Technology that repairs, strengthens, and replenishes hair from inside out. It also contains nutrients that are essential to improve hair elasticity, moisture retention, and flexibility.

2. Customization

The idea of customizing solutions for every hair need is what the hair care brand has always wanted to do for the past seven years. Cream Silk has been studying Filipina’s hair for the past 30 years.

“We know your hair. We know your needs. You talk to us. We talk to you,” Mangilin said.

Part of Cream Silk’s customization is defining what the modern Filipina needs and at the same time understanding what Cream Silk can give.

Every variant delivers a very specific benefit: Standout Straight for smoother, straighter hair; Hairfall Defense for hair that’s stronger, more resilient, and less prone to breakage; Stunning Shine for moisturizing dull and lifeless hair; Dandruff Free for dandruff and itch-free scalp; Damage Control for repairing weak and damaged hair; Color Protect for moisturizing and protecting colored hair; and dry Rescue for hair hydration.

3. New variant

The new Cream Silk Variant called Color Protect takes the spotlight in the roster of the brand’s Customized Solutions. It is a formula free of sulfate, an ingredient known to strip the hair of color.

“We’ve recognized that hair coloring and hair treatment is actually very popular now and so this is a solution we are offering. Having a sulfate-free formula will actually allow that hair polymer to prolong the color of your hair. And as a conditioner, it makes the hair color more vibrant,” Mangilin explained.

This red variant provides up to 80% color protection for up to 20 washes. Now, Filipinas who love to color and style their hair won’t lose that investment too soon.

4. New look

To cap it all off, Cream Silk also transformed the look of its packs. Gone are the days when one face represented the conditioner brand. Each variant in the new range now feature multiple modern Filipinas with their own stories of transformation to empower others to believe that they can become the best they can be.

Actress and artist Heart Evangelista represents the pink variant, commercial model and actress Coleen Garcia for green, actress and singer Nadine Lustre for blue, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach for gold, Actress and performer Yassi Pressman for orange, and Rachel Ann Go for the new red variant.

Present in the press launch was singer, actress, model, composer and television personality Julie Ann San Jose representing the violet variant.

Photos from Cream Silk Philippines


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