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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo lead actors Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are confirmed to have broken up just four short months after their relationship went public.

After rumors surrounding the status of their relationship circulated in various news outlets, the couple’s agency YG Entertainment confirmed that they have indeed parted ways. Nooo!

“We cannot mention the reason why because it is their private lives,” the official statement read.

#NamLee shippers and WFKBJ supporters were quick to express their #feels over the news on Twitter, immediately topping the Philippines trends list. Some were clearly devastated, while others completely in denial that the ‘ship has stopped sailing’.

Take a look at some of the heart-breaking and witty #NamLee split reactions we’ve seen on Twitter:

1. The first stage of grief

With something this shocking, it’s only natural to deny that it’s true at all. But TBH, we ain’t buying it, too! We just can’t. *weeps*

2. The first stage still…

We feel you, girl. Totes! We definitely need that break-up leave from our employers.

3. From happy to sad real quick

We don’t mean to offend any EXO-L, but that facial expression of D.O. says it all.

4. Ano, YG Entertainment? Sagot.

Tagging @danielpadilla and @paulsalas. Char! 

5. Best friends or Bromance? 

Uhmmm… We’re pretty sure they’re just friends. Ji Soo is probably supporting his heartbroken friend rn.

6. That classic Bea and John Lloyd linyahan

How we wish, y’all. How we fervently wish this isn’t painful. *criesinacorner*

7. There’s no moving on

#MayForever. We’re never gonna move on from the first stage of grieving and from the #NamLee couple.

8. Bok Joo’s Wrestling Squad is here

Shin Se Kyung: ‘Cause baby now we got bad blood.

9. Bring on the conspiracy theories 

This is quite plausible, considering that Nam’s latest drama is reportedly struggling with ratings while Lee is shooting a new movie as there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The best part of this theory, though: #NamLee pa rin mga bes! LOL!

10. But no matter what happens…

Everyone should wish the actors happiness and love them just the same even if they’re not #NamLee anymore. We’ll cheer you on. Fighting!

How do you feel about our ~sweg~ couple’s break-up?

Photo from Ollehello


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