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After launching their album Limerence under Warner Music last June 2016, Brisom is back with their latest single entitled “Balewala.” Finally!

Initially released in Spotify, “Balewala” has its catchy and danceable tune that will surely capture our hearts. Not to mention the Tagalog lyrics of the song that will left us saying “Aww.”  Major ~feels~ trip!

“Ikaw palagi, laman ng isip, ngunit di mo alam
Walang masisi, kundi sarili, pagkat di mo alam 

Patutunayan ang damdaming ito mahirapan man bukas.
Masugatan, masaktan, mabigo, kakayanin ang lahat.”

When asked about the story behind the song, Brisom’s bassist Jason Rondero said that it is partly based on his personal experience.

“Basic lang naman. Alangan ka magsabi ng nararamdaman mo. ‘Di mo kasi alam kung may mapapala ba o maba-balewala ‘pag umamin ka. So ang ending babalewalain mo ba yung nararamdaman mo or not?”

Last August 9, a music video for the song was also launched. According to the director, Kevin Dayrit, the “Balewala” MV is about two girls, the one played by Michelle Liane is a shy, lonely, and innocent girl trying to fit in and the other one, Jennifer Mizzi, a mature, independent woman which “has some kind of wisdom from experience vibe about her, which has broken her in one way or another.”

Kevin also shared that the concept just started with a cliché romantic-comedy idea.

“The song is about hidden feelings and the courage to say it kahit na “mabalewala.” The characters were strangers that suddenly developed a small spark of feelings in that short moment. They don’t know each other’s name and if they separate that night, they might never see each other again so Michelle takes a risk to reciprocate the kiss before it’s too late. Both of them are also girls and up until recently, same sex couples are frowned upon in this Catholic country. So it’s kinda hard for anyone of them to come out and just say it. pero “baka magsisi kung hahayaan na di mo alam.” he added.

The electro pop OPM band composed of Brian Sombero (vocals/guitar), Jason Rondero (bass/backup vocals), Timothy Abbott (synth/beats), and Jeffrey Castro (drums) is known for their songs “Muted in Color,” “Pride,” “Unplanned,” and “Bigkas” featuring actress-singer Lovi Poe. They earned a nomination for Best Emerging Band during the 2014 Yahoo Celebrity Awards.

If you’re already curious about this awesome music video, watch it here:

You can also vote for BRISOM‘s “Balewala” MV on MYX Philippines. Here’s how you can vote:


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