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Indie band Kissling just debuted their new single, “Daydream 2,” and it seriously got us daydreaming.

The song is about lovers dealing with the complication of a long-distance relationship. (Aww!) Anyone who hears “Daydream 2” for the first time would definitely feel the urge to wander places and zone out on a bright sunny day.

The band says this song is for “when you long for someone from afar.” But we think this jam is ultimately for when you finally decide to just drop everything, hit the road and get to wherever your love is, ending the agony once and for all.

You’re in for an emotionally-charged daydream with lyrics like these:

Don’t you see? I’m tired of dreaming. 

Don’t you see? I want the real thing.

Don’t you see? I want to be with you.

Don’t you see? Take me there with you.

Everything about this release from a band looking to build up its name further into the local music scene works so well. Front man Jeremy Lopez’s vocals, however eccentric, gave the song a solid, distinctive sound. Even a raw compilation of clips of what seemed like a trip to Germany added that major daydream and LDR ~feels~. 

This is the band’s first release in six months as they are setting their sights on a full-length record by November. Yay!

The quartet – composed of Jeremy Lopez in charge of vocals and guitar, Andrew Harder on bass, Charles Abian also on guitar, and Markuss Javier on drums – hails from the Walled City of Intramuros, formed in late 2015 through friendship and the drive to create music for the world to hear.

“Kissling is born following my untimely departure from my first band, Motto Stella. I immediately went inside the studio to record everything I’ve been keeping for so long due to incompatible musical influences and creative differences from the latter,” Lopez wrote on the band’s bio.

Is there a “Daydream 1,” you ask? We’re told that there was but for now, we’re daydreaming with this song in mind.

Check out “Daydream 2” here:

Photo from Kissling


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