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AsiaPOP Comicon held its third year at SMX Convention Center this August 25 up to August 27. Bursting with so much pop culture and geekiness, you’ll surely have a blast throughout the day. And if you missed this year’s APCC, allow us to list down some things happened during this awesome event:

1. Netflix being awesomely ~extra~

Netflix brought us a new era for series and we all know everybody prefers it over TV shows nowadays. Who doesn’t anyway? This year, Netflix blessed us with their grand and so ~extra~ booth. You may have to endure the long line which will literally take 30 mins before actually getting in (Yup, crazy line.) Inside, you’ll find a replica of the place from your fave tv series like the Stranger Things‘ Christmas lights, Orange is the New Black fake mugshot, Riverdale’s Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe diner, and many more.

2. Tabi Po’s large engkanto tree

For those who don’t know what Tabi Po is, it’s a graphic novel-turned-movie about mythical creatures by Mervin Malonzo. They have this really big creepy tree inside the hall where you can take pictures with their actors. So fun!

3. Artists’ Alley

APCC allows various types of artists to showcase their art. You can also have on-site commissions from them. This year’s guest artists are punziella, koicarreon, serafleur, and many more.

4. Calbee’s Sumo Honey Bee fight

APCC certainly consists of fun stuff like posters, toys, meeting your idols, and the like. And if you’re looking for a different kind of fun, you might want to try this Calbee’s Sumo fight. You and your friend will wear a huge bee suit and just like a sumo game, you’re going to push each other off the circle. All you have to do is bee-lieve in yourself to win!

5. Walking Dead’s Escape Challenge

If you’re a big fan of zombies, gore, and extreme challenges, this one’s for you. TV5’s TWD Escape Challenge dares you to go through the maze to help save your captured friend. You’ll have to go through each room with its own mechanics. It’s like room escape…with zombies wanting to eat your brains out.

6. Lora Ledesma’s Special FX Lab

Ever wondered who created ‘Imaw from the GMA fantasy series Encantadia? Or who makes prosthetics in the local TV scene? Well then, meet Ms. Lora Ledesma, founder of Octopod. Inc—a company that specializes in prosthetics, make up, animatromics and more special effects. She offers zombie bite prosthetics for a hundred bucks. Now, who wouldn’t want to look like fresh out of a TV horror teleserye?

If we’ve missed anything, check out Manila Bulletin’s ACPP video rundown for more!

Photos by Madel Crudo


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