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The hungry crowd flocking local food chain Zark’s Burgers for its anniversary promo created much buzz online after photos and videos of near-stampede scenes were captured outside its branches.

To celebrate its 8 successful years of burger business, the chain announced on August 25, Friday that it will sell its Ultimate Burger on August 28 across all branches for only P8.

That’s almost a 95% price slash and equivalent to the minimum fare for a jeepney ride! But here’s the plot twist: the promo will only be available for the first 80 customers.

Obviously, more than 80 customers showed up at their branches and created a state of unbelievable chaos pushing and screaming for their way into the store, a scene everyone probably only saw in a movie.

And as always, netizens weighed in on the Zark’s Burgers promo frenzy. Here are some of the best tweets we’ve seen:

Look what you made them do, Zarks. Look!

If Gong Yoo oppa is there, why not? Charot!

Zark’s truly wished that the odds are ever in our favor.

World War Zark’s. Not bad for a movie title, eh?

‘Yung first 80, besh!

“Works, lives, eats at Krusty Krab,” says my social media bio.

Oo nga naman, mga mumshie. Ano nga ba talaga? 

But it looks like another burger chain is gearing up its response to the hungry mobs brought about by Zark’s Burgers with an equally crazy promo.

Sumagot na po ang Angel's Burger. Matinding labanan po ito. #8PesosVSbuy1take8Like Brandon Cueto for more borger updates.

Posted by Brandon Cueto on Monday, August 28, 2017

Nako, kabahan na ang Zark’s. Angel’s Hamburger has spoken. Are you for an 8-peso burger or a Buy-1-Take-8 promo?

Omaygahhhd. My Angel’s Burger pamileee… Looks like there’s reason to believe the Buy-1-Take-8 promo is for real, though.

What are your thoughts on the Zark’s 8-peso burger promo chaos?

Photo from @paultronus


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