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Still on a Game of Thrones Season 7 finale high? Here’s something for you.

American beauty brand Storybook Cosmetics is releasing a fantastical dragon lipstick, reminiscent of Daenarys’ Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. Totes!

The big reveal was made on Tuesday, August 29, in an Instagram post with a photo of the mythical creature’s silver scales as packaging.

The product was first teased last March in silver, gold, and a trendy blush gold, ‘inspired by all of our fire-breathing friends’. Months later, the brand says the official prototype has been ‘finished and approved’ after ‘some revamping’.

It was earlier set for a Fall 2017 release, which is practically any date between late September and late December. In an update, however, it was revealed that the dragon lipsticks will be out early next year.

The good news: Worldwide shipping is available, so anywhere you are on Earth, you can cop this GOT fan item.

But wait, calm down. This is the brand’s original creation, not an official GOT merch. But if you are a GOT fan through and through, you could always add this to your collection, right?

The owners of Storybook Cosmetics take inspiration from their favorite fairy tales and is behind some of the most adorable and IG-worthy beauty products like rose brushes, a wizardry and witchcraft eyeshadow palette storybook, and  quill and ink eyeliner. So extra!

What are your thoughts on these dragon lippies? We’re sure our inner Khaleesi would love to have one!

Photo from @storybookcosmetics


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