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Nearly three years after the release of his hit album In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith has woken up from his much deserved hiatus and called on his fans to get ready for the wait is nearly over. Yay!

In a statement posted on the “Stay With Me” crooner’s Twitter page, Smith thanked his fans for their patience and for giving him over a year to reinvent himself and find inspiration to create new music. He describes himself to be “rejuvenated” and very much ready to showcase new stories through his sound.

“I have missed you all desperately, and a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t been looking at all your comments and dreaming of singing with you all again,” he wrote.

Although Smith failed to give an exact date to save, he reassures fans that what he has in store is coming “very very very soon.” He has however been recording and preparing for this much awaited album as early as June this year.

Smith had decided to take a break from music back during 2015 saying that he needed time to live his life and be a regular 23-year-old, he also hinted at wanting to find love while taking a break.

“My love life, the downs and ups, it never stops, so I’m always inspired by stuff like that, but it’d be good to spend some time dating,” he had then shared to ET Online. Does this mean we could expect some inspiring and soulful love songs or (possibly) more music to listen to when we’re going through a bad break up?

The four time Grammy Award winner is famous for his heart wrenching songs such as “Stay With Me” and “I Know I’m Not The Only One.”


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