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115 days to go and we’re already excited to celebrate Christmas!

As early as now, people are starting to decorate their houses with shimmering Christmas decors, while some are now preparing to shop clothes and gifts for the holiday season. Early Christmas ~feels~!

With that, allow us to list 5 things we should all look forward to during Ber months:

1. Christmas songs

The internet welcomed the beginning of the Christmas season with Jose Mari Chan memes along with the occasional Mariah Carey joke on the side earlier this morning to remind everybody as to who owns all the malls’ stereos for the next few months. Although some would argue that hearing the same songs over and over again could get tiring, let’s be real, shamelessly blasting to Christmas music is one of the best things during the Ber months because well, no one could really judge you for being all too hyped for the holidays. 

2. Cuddle weather

Starting September, the northeastern monsoon or also known as amihan, brings cold winds from the north which creates a nice and cool weather. It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to stay longer in bed with your good old blanket and some fluffy pillows. We love that feeling!

3. Sales, sales, sales! 

One of the best parts of the Ber months is getting ready for the 25th day of December. Since this season is all about giving, the shopping Gods always make it a point to throw in year ender sales everywhere. Just earlier today, September 1, the brand Forever21 ushered in a MegaSale that will run until September 3rd. Definitely a great way to start the season.

4. Christmas specials

For everyone who loves staying indoors, the Ber months mark the beginning of colder and cozier afternoons that will make you binge-watch your favorite Christmas movies. Sure, with the age of Netflix  on the rise, channel surfing seems to be an ancient memory from long ago. But there’s still that giddy feeling you get when you turn on the TV and see Love Actually or Home Alone, right?

5. Holiday food

Puto bumbong, hamonado, queso de bola, bibingka, I could go on and on but it would all end in one point: Food. The Ber months are a time of celebration, ergo, food. The weather allows us to enjoy nuzzling under layers of clothes and sip hot drinks and then in line with classic Filipino tradition, it is a time for feasts. It’s that special little place where diets are nonexistent. See you next year, diet! 

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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