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Netizens a.k.a. Applers went crazy kilig over G-Dragon and Sandara Park’s interactions during the “ACT III, Moment of Truth the End” concert on September 1, Friday. We gotta admit, this ship is seriously so cute.

The #MOTTEinManila and key word Daragon trended overnight following the interactions of the two K-Pop superstars during the concert.

Daragon‘, a fan-made couple name made almost eight years ago, was chanted tirelessly at last night’s concert at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum, encouraging the two for a couple fan service.

From the moment Park came out halfway through the set and performed with his YG label mate, fans were so ready to witness their ship sail, even if just for the concert.

Still on a Daragon feels high? Here are 5 of their adorable moments from #MOTTEinManila we’ll be sure to treasure forever:

1. When GD said Dara was still pretty

They’re such a pretty couple, too!

2. When they finally sang ‘Hello’ together

This brings back memories of early Daragon moments. Calm down, mah heart, mah soul!

3. When they had a ‘moment’ after the encore performance

May nanalo na talaga, Dara! Kayong dalawa. Ayieee!

4. When GD encouraged Dara to sing along with him

Our hearts are definitely not crooked over this performance.

5. When GD tapped the floor, asking Dara to be lifted to the stage again

GD wants Dara so bad? *cue LANY’s ILYSB*

Which Daragon moment are you living for? All of it!

Photo from @daraxxi


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