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Netizens are expressing their frustration on Twitter over network service provider PLDT’s slow internet connection service.

The key words “PLDT DoesntCare” made the Philippines trends list on Sept 4, Monday, rooted from and in contrast to the company’s customer service Twitter handle @pldtcares.

PLDT Home earlier issued a service advisory and apologized for the apparent sluggish internet service. They cited the recent devastation of Typhoon Hato in Hong Kong, which caused damage in international undersea cable links.

“Based on their current plans, our cable partners expect restoration work to be completed in about three weeks. While repair work is being done, PLDT is taking other measures to improve Internet services for our Home and Enterprise customers,” the statement read.

However, some could not hide their frustration, like this guy:

nababaliw nako pldt anuna

Posted by Rovie Calma Clemente on Monday, August 28, 2017

Despite the official statement from the company, netizens were persistent in bringing attention to the issue through “PLDT DoesntCare”. Here are some of the tweets we’ve seen so far:

Either way, it hurts mumshie.

At least ‘di ka naman nag-iisa sa laban. Kaya natin ‘to, besh!

Uhmmm… Even if PLDT doesn’t care, let’s care about air pollution. JK!

Never mess with a K-Drama fan.

We can’t play the gif, @darrenzkyeopta. *criesoutloud*

PLDT should either confirm or deny that they don’t care. C’mon, it’s 2017!

Even your kapit-bahay doesn’t care.

Yes, just like how we want a better Nescafe Mocha. Fired.

Magsumpaan pa tayo sa hukuman.

Learn to let go daw. But of course, this is easier said than done.

Are you experiencing slow internet connection? We hope not.


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