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Elliot Andersen is awake, but the nightmare isn’t over.

The official season 3 trailer of USA Network’s Mr. Robot has been released. Yet, we don’t know what to expect from it especially that in Season 2 finale after Elliot has been shot, things went dicey.
But we all know now that Elliot got out ALIVE – unless it was just some kind of hallucination or coma dream.
Contrary to what most fans hope that the sci-fi series will somehow break-free from its bleak tone, the trailer started off with Tyrell Wellick justifying why he shot Elliot. Elliot woke up with the sight of Angela but he did not remember what happened.
The trailer also suggested that this time around, stakes are high with a troubled democracy at large. It also promises to delve deeper on Eliot’s split personality.
The big question was answered, but other than that the series still remains mysterious.
After its delay, Mr. Robot season 3 will finally premiere on Wednesday, October 1, at 10 pm EDT on the USA Network.
Watch the trailer here:

Featured image from Mr. Robot | Facebook 


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