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The Philippine News Agency (PNA) drew flak after people on Twitter spotted articles with headlining mistakes from its official website. Uh-oh.

The articles dated between January and April 2017 were posted with titles containing messages of what seemingly an editor’s note to its writer.

Here are some of the headline screenshots that appeared on the PNA online posts that we’ve seen:

Lei who? Lei Miserables? Char! 

Betsy should edit the article, Primo.

Uy, Sammy, pakidagdagan naman daw ng background. 

Next time please provide a photo. 

Mukhang na-edit naman. Kaso nasama sa headline yung editor’s note. Kakaloka!

Kumusta, Juzel?

Uhm, whaaaat?? Don’t you guys have e-mail or group chats? 

As of posting, the official PNA website has been taken down.

Meanwhile, Usec. Joel Egco has already issued a statement on the latest PNA gaffe.

To be honest, this incident is funny and bothering at the same time. It is so disappointing because this is where our taxes go. Hayy. 


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