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September seems to be the most lyrical month of the year. So many singers from Frank Sinatra and The Beatles to Plain White T’s and Natalie Imbruglia have included songs about September in their albums.

Some believe the change in season during September is the culprit for the frequent use of this month as inspiration for songwriting. It is the first month of autumn in a lot of countries around the world. It’s when leaves fall and winds are a a tad bit colder.

Even poets like William Wordsworth and Pablo Neruda loved observing their surroundings the days of this month.

Why exactly there is a ton of songs about September, we’ll probably never know. Pero kebs! The 9th month of the year has given us so many memorable songs, anyway.

Here are 5 famous songs that will remind you of September:

1. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day

Released in 2005, the song is the fourth single from Green Day’s massively successful seventh studio album, American Idiot. With the band’s emo, punk -rock sound, this piece became such an anthem for anyone who has lost something or someone. But TBH, this is the song to sing when you just can’t seem to handle school or work anymore. How about waking me up when September ends, huh? JK!

2. “Cry” by Mandy Moore

Everyone who fell in love and had their hearts broken by coming-of-age, romantic movie, A Walk to Remember, knows this song very well. Even Mandy Moore herself cherished it, saying it was “such a beautiful song on every level.” Agree, beshie! While it did not have any month on its title, it’s setting was definitely in ‘late September,’ telling the story of a girl who thought her lover was insensitive, until the day she first saw him cry. Aww, we’re getting teary-eyed, too!

3. “September” by Earth, Wind, Fire

Most of us were probably still in cell formation when the iconic American funk band Earth, Wind, Fire started performing, but surely in one way or another, you have heard this song. It’s signature, “Ba De Ya!” will definitely make you dance this September. The song reached number one on the US R&B chart and number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and has been covered by at least 18 musical acts, the most recent being Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick for the Trolls movie soundtrack.

4. “See You in September” by The Happenings

First recorded by The Tempos, the classic “See You in September” was later sang by The Happenings in 1966 and reached massive chart success and sold at least a million units. The quartet turned the ‘slow Cha-Cha record’ into their own. “If you want to revise something and put your own sound to it, I think you should look for a great song that was not a great record,” member Bob Miranda said, when the group considered recording the song.  Surely, your grandparents know who The Happenings is so go shoot them the questions. Anywho, is it just us or is it really giving so much Natalia Imbruglia feels? We’re torn!

5. “September” by Daughtry

American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry was touring with Bon Jovi when his Daughtry bandmate John Steely sent him lyric ideas about ‘remembering the summer and going back to school,’ hence, the birth of September. The song is the third and final track in the band’s 2009 album, Leave This Town, and was released in June of 2010. (Why not September? LOL!) Daughtry said the mid-tempo ballad takes him back to his summers in Lasker with his brother but that he knew ‘I’d have to leave to make something of my life.’ Oh, the nostalgia!

Which September song is your favorite? Green Day all the way!

Photo by Rolling Stone


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