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OPM act Tanya Markova has released the long-awaited music video for their latest single, “High End”.

The clip was made public on the band’s official social media accounts and premiered on television via music channel, MYX Philippines, on Thursday, October 26.

This is the band’s third single release off of their sophomore album, Mister Tililing” following Hello, Hello, Hello, and Darling Kong Zombie. 

Consistent with Tanya Markova’s alternative, baroque-pop rock sound, seamless usage of Filipino and English words and humorous performance antics, the music video follows the story of a guy and a girl from opposite social and financial strata, the latter being ‘high-end’.

This gap was evident in the second verse:

Gusto mong mag-Starbucks

Sinamahan kita

Wala akong order, nakakahiya

Tinanong mo ako kung gusto ko ba ng Mocha Frappe

Sagot ko sa’yo ang kape ko yung sa Ministop

In an interview with Billboard Philippines, frontman Norma Love (Harlon Agsaoay) said he had a similar experience in college.

May niligawan ako sa kapitbahay na school noong nasa San Beda pa ako. Wala akong funds na pang-gimik o ano man and she was really pretty. Kaso wala akong sapat na pera para ilabas para sa kaniya. Akala niya ‘ata di ako nage-effort. Ayun, basted ako,” he shared.  

The reason behind the song’s creation, however, was based on a well-known band ‘who has an outrageous list of demands from gig organizers whenever they are playing’.

“It kind of influenced us to write this song because of the thought that some people are just ‘elitists’ and ‘high maintenance’,” he said.

Tanya Markova, composed of lead vocalist Norma Love (Harlon Agsaoay), vocalist Iwa Motors (Angelo del Pilar), backing vocalist and in charge of percussions MowMow (Philipp Alejandro), lead guitarist Isable Olé (Oliver Romblon), guitarist Rez Curtis (Florante Sabas), bassist Skrovak Iskopanjo (Francis “Kix” Chavez), synth player Robot Jaworski (Japo Araneta) and drummer Levy Poe (Levy Arago), first gained recognition from the independent music scene.

They eventually earned mainstream success in 2010 face-painted and costumed with hit singles such as Picture PictureDisney and Linda Blair.

Watch the full music video here:

Photo from Tanya Markova


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