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Food has always been central to relationships with friends, family, or that special someone (yiiiee!). Hanging out with them means only one thing: food adventure.

Speaking of foodventure, MB Life went to España to check out some of the student-friendly places to eat. Here are some must-try restaurants you need to check out if you’re planning to have a food field trip with the squad:

1. JackO’s Burger (P.Noval St.)

If you’re searching for a quick burger fix, JackO’s the right place for ya! Their bestseller burger Black Jack, which is a black burger with tomato, lettuce and their special sauce is a must-try. They also have other sulit food choices such as spaghetti and fries for only p49!

Jack O’s Black Jack (P80)

2. Oishi Obento (1st floor, UST Carpark)

Now, who wouldn’t know Oishi Obento’s Spam Musubi? For only P30, you can get a spam sushi, a double spam for P50, and their special double spam with egg for P60. Good deal, ‘no?

Oishi Obento’s Double Spam Musubi (P50)

3. Dimsum Treats (Pacific Towers, Dapitan St.)

Located at Dapitan St., Dimsum Treats offers our favorite siomai with rice for only P45. Perfect for that #tagtipid days! (Also, look how big their siomais are. Sulit!)

Dimsum Treats’ Pork and Quail Egg Siomai with Rice (P45)

4. Wing Vibe (Delos Reyes cor. P. Noval)

Wing lovers shouldn’t miss this small chicken wing parlor. From Hickory BBQ up to their Garlic Parmesan, Wing Vibe has variety of flavors that you can choose from. For those who love spicy food, you should try their Inferno chicken wing. You can enjoy these with rice for only P79.

Wing Vibe’s Basket of Five in Soy Garlic (P130)

5. Tori Box (P.Noval St. & Laon Laan St. near Dapitan)

If you’re craving for a Japanese-style chicken meal, you can try Tori Box’s Karaage Pop which are served with different flavor options. Other than Karaage, they also have tonkatsu and other budget friendly rice meal. Tip: ask for an extra powder for free!

Tori Box’s Karaage Pop with Rice (P85)

6. The Food Truck (P.Noval cor. J. Barlin St.)

Located at the former fire truck station at P. Noval street, The Food Truck offers variety of Tex-Mex food. It’s a bit expensive for student’s budget but man, it’s really worth the price! You should try their Angus Beef Frank Sandwich for P180, Nachos for P180 (good for 3-5 people), and their Rootbeer float for P85.

The Food Truck’s Nachos (P180)
The Food Truck’s Angus Beef Frank Sandwich (P110)

7. HUB Urban Coffee

If you’re looking for a place to chill because of your long break or perhaps for an after school studying, you can head over to HUB Urban Coffee by Hanakotoba. They serve hot and iced coffee, and tons of side table snacks like their Cheesy Bacon Fries.

HUB Urban Coffee’s bestseller White Chocolate Mocha (P155)
HUB Urban Coffee’s Cheesy Bacon Fries (Php 160)


Photos by Madel Crudo


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