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Once there was this small kid from the small town of Racine, Wisconsin, who dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player. But at a very young age of 11, he was already exposed to a hard-knocked life and having been detained in a youth detention center for making money illegally, this was where he found his love for the game of basketball and this changed his life.

That young kid was Caron Butler, an NBA Champion with the Dallas Mavericks and a 2-time NBA All-Star.

Life was not easy for him and he had a message for the young Filipino kids dreaming to make it big:

“Seeing is believing, believing you can do it, stay determined, stay dedicated and stay disciplined, that’s the 3 D’s and stay inspired, it’s all about staying goal-oriented. Sometimes in life, people lack consistency, they don’t continue to set new goals, so I think it’s important to set new goals, continue to move forward and anything can happen.”

He is truly an inspiring figure that people from all walks of life should look up to with how he was able to attain his goal despite the setbacks he had experienced growing up. It was a humbling experience to have been face-to-face with the 13-year NBA veteran who finds it amazing that the game he loves so dearly is at a whole new level saying, “it’s beyond our wildest dreams, when you start out playing the game of basketball, it starts at a park, then your neighborhood, this is another world, this is Manila, we’re in the Philippines, then you find out they know you here, that just goes to show you how the game has expanded and how so many folks are embracing the culture and the game of basketball, it’s an exciting time. I am so excited to be here, an experience of a lifetime to talk about the game, expand the game of basketball and educate about the game of basketball.”

‘Tuff Juice: My Journey from the streets to the NBA’ is his very own autobiography where he writes about the up’s and down’s of his personal life and his basketball career. He isn’t your usual NBA Superstar, but the story he has to tell and how he overcame the obstacles in his life makes him a legend both on and off the court. With how he was able to make it to where he is right now, all the achievements attained, it also took so many bumps and bruises along the way which made him a stronger person both physically and mentally.

Butler was here for a 4-day visit as an NBA Ambassador for the partnership between World Vision and NBA Cares.


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