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Have you seen a shirt design that describes a funny moment in your life or some of your millennial ~feelz~? Well, they’re probably from Linya Linya.

Famous for their witty one-liners and punny merch designs, the brand started as an online shop way back 2012 and known as “an idea factory of puns and illustrations that reflect the feels of today’s Filipinos.”

Owned by so called “puntrepreneurs,” Linya-Linya aims “to connect to a wider audience, share tears of joy and laughter with people, and through its original words, art, and concepts, significantly contribute to Filipino culture and society. Ultimately, to Linyafy the world!” Talk about wearing your feelings, ‘no?

With that, allow us to list some of the best Linya Linya T-shirt designs that you need to check out pronto:

1. Lakompake, basta may kape 

Because coffee is all we need!

2. Effortan kung important 

Kung feeling mo important siya, effortan mo na! 

3. I took a nap, e NAPasarap

NAPakasarap naman kasi talagang mag-nap.

4. Tiyan Snow

You know nothing, Tiyan Snow.

5. Two bottles lang

Two bottles ba talaga?

6. Philippine Hairlines

Flag carrier hairline!

7. Stressed tabs

We all need this, tbh. Stressed Drilon!

8. Over my dad body

Dad body is the new sexy!

9. Kebs

Kebs lang!

10. I’m tired of being pagod

Same, beshie. Same.

Check out Linya Linya’s website, Facebook, and Instagram. They also have stores located in UP Town Center, Market! Market!, SM Megamall, Fifth Rack, Glorietta, Gateway, TriNoMa, Hobo’s Naga, NAIA 1 & 3, and Boracay Airport.

Featured image from Linya Linya | Facebook 


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