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Two years after their acclaimed album White Light, The Corrs are back with a new album entitled, Jupiter Calling. 

In an interview with Hotpress, the band describes the new album as an “ambitious, earthy and outspoken: an album guaranteed to earn them renewed respect as musicians, songwriters and trailblazers.”

Produced by T-Bone Burnet, The Corrs’ new album will be released on Nov 10 on East West Records.

The Irish sibling quartet is popular for their songs “Runaway,” “Breathless,” “Summer Sunshine,” and “All The Love In The World.”

Check out Jupiter Calling’s full track-listing below:

  1. Son of Solomon
  2. Chasing Shadows
  3. Bulletproof Love
  4. Road To Eden
  5. Butter Flutter
  6. SOS
  7. Dear Life
  8. No Go Baby
  9. Hit My Ground Running
  10. Live Before I Die
  11. Season Of Our Love
  12. A Love Divine
  13. The Sun And The Moon

Featured image screen grabbed from The Corrs | Facebook


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