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It’s one thing to have gift ideas. Scouring various shopping places to find all of it is another.

Crossing out must-buy items in your gift list can be taxing (especially when you do it last-minute), so at the very least, start considering where to go buy your presents as early as now, right when shopping spots are not yet crowded and prices have not yet risen due to the holiday rush.

Options and prices are top concerns when gift-givers set out to get some Christmas shopping done and often, there are shopping spots offering all that and whole lot more.

Here are 6 places you can check out to shop early for Christmas:

1. Dapitan Arcade

Photo from The Misis Chronicles

Located at Dapitan Street in Quezon City, this tiangge-like area transforms into yuletide-landia just a few months before Christmas. From figurines of Santa Claus and the Nativity to holiday plates, trays, mugs, cups and saucers and spice containers, everything is here. Over the years, Dapitan Arcade has become a popular go-to shopping spot because of the quality of their products and its reasonable price point. You can even haggle with sellers to get your items at a cheaper price.

2. Taytay 

Photo from Manila Shopper

If you have someone in mind who loves clothes, Taytay is the place to go. Hailed as the Garments Capital of the Philippines, Taytay is home to bulks of fabric/cloth/textile and super affordable dresses, shorts, skirts, shirts, pants, bags, and more. You can purchase trendy clothing in impressive quality for half the price from mall racks. Most of the clothes sold in this area are also designed and sewn by the locals. Pro-tip: there could be more options when you shop at night as more stalls are open from dusk to dawn.

3. Greenhills Shopping Center

Photo from Juan Paulo Gutierrez

For bags, wallets, and even Christmas decorations made in various parts of the country in impeccable quality and priced reasonably, Greenhills is definitely worth checking out. Built in the early 1970s, the area first rose to prominence with its annual Christmas bazaars featuring the Christmas display and steadily expanded operations all year round because of the growing number of sellers. This year, fairs have already started as early as August 11. Other fairs where you can start shopping for gifts include: A September Fair (September 8 to October 2), Gifts Fair (October 6 to November 6), and the Christmas Bangketa Tiangge (November 15 to January 8).

4.  Ongpin 

Photo from Paranomia

Ongpin, often dubbed as an authentic Chinese-Filipino food destination, is also home to high-quality yet affordable watches and jewelries. From wedding rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces, they have it. Prices may depend according to weight, detail and material but you can always negotiate if you want to save yourself a bit more money. Chinatown Golden Center is one of the more popular jewelry shops in the area.

5. Marikina Riverbanks

Photo from Wikipedia

Where else should you buy that shoe your brother has been asking for if not in Marikina? The shoe capital of the Philippines holds numerous fairs showcasing its strong-standing local brands of footwear and leather goods. There’s a back-to-school shoe fair and a shoe bazaar every November to December in Marikina’s Freedom Park. Pro-tip: You can have customized shoes made for you or for someone you want to give a gift to. Just approach shoe makers, tell them what shoe material and design you would like and they’ll tell you just how much you need to pay (and it’s not even too expensive).

6. Divisoria 

Photo from Manila Destination

You’re not a Christmas shopper if you have never been to Divisoria. This is most likely where you can find every gift idea you have ever thought of. Even holiday gift wrappers are serious business. The area is a like a melting pot of malls and stalls selling items as random as a Santa Claus costume to Christmas trees and decorations. You can buy practically any gift for every person you could think of: a pair of shoes for dad, pretty clothes for mom and sisters, and toys for the kids. Unarguably the best part: almost all items are priced low. So many items can be bought in under a thousand, a challenge so many bloggers and vloggers have taken up and overcome.

Which of these locations do you plan to go for early Christmas shopping? All of it!


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