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Before the worldwide release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 11 is now available as a free download. Yay!


The iOS 11 highlights new software features and improvements for both iPhone and iPad users. With that, allow us to list down things you need to know about the update:

1. The new control center

Apple has redesigned its control center. Aside from a few permanent buttons, users can now customize it and add some icons.

2. Screen recording

You can now record your screen from your device. Just click the screen record icon located at the Control Center and after a three-second countdown, your device will record everything you do. The video will be saved automatically on the photo library.

3. Screenshot 

When you take a screenshot, a thumbnail will now appear at the bottom left corner of your screen. If you open it, you can now crop your screenshot, edit it, and open in another app.

4. File Manager app

Replacing the iCloud Drive, the Files app will support Third-party services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc, and of course files from iCloud. Files is part of both iPhone and iPad.

5. Do not disturb while driving

Another useful addition to the OS is the Do Not Disturbing while driving feature. Once activated, it will detect if the user is driving and enable DND mode automatically. Once enabled, all the notifications will be disabled so nothing will distract users.


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