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Young netizens are extending the #NeverAgain protest online in commemoration and in resistance to Martial Law.

It is exactly 45 years ago today that the late President Ferdinand Marcos put the country under martial rule and more than 30 years since the fall of a dictator’s regime but the fight continues.

Photo from Manila Bulletin

The #NeverAgain, #DayofProtest, #ManlabanTayo along with key words Luneta and Mass for Justice consistently topped the local Twitter trends list on Thursday, September 21.

While multitudes of protesters have organized movements in various parts of the country, thousands of millenials are also turning to social media to express condemnation against and to call for justice the many alleged human rights violation, deaths, abuse of power and massive corruption.

Here are some of the tweets we’ve seen from millenials:

We should learn from and never forget the past.

The courageous actions, apart from names, of Maria Lorena Barros and all others will be remembered.

Lately, it’s been easy to lose count.

Abuses happened. Martial Law happened. Stay woke.

An uproar like this will be difficult to silence.

The fight continues ’til justice is served.

“Hindi pula’t dilaw ang tunay na magkalaban. Ang kulay at tatak ay ‘di siyang dahilan.”

Never regret protesting #NeverAgain.

‘Di mo ba naririnig? Tinig ng bayan na galit. 

How are you commemorating the Martial Law declaration anniversary?

Photo from @MaykJeyms


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