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Christmas is around the corner and we’re pretty sure you’re already excited to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season.

With all the gift-giving and parties that take place during Christmas, your Christmas bonus and 13th month pay just ends up passing you by. Goodbye, moolah!

But don’t panic, there are some ways to ease the burden on your bank balance. Here are some practical tips on how to save money for Christmas:

1. Make a list

Having a to-buy list for the festive season really helps. Jot down all the things you need to buy and the food you need to prepare. With this, you can plan your spending and keep you on track. Oh, and don’t forget to write all the names of your inaanaks. Check your list twice, beshie. *wink*

2. Set spending limits

This is one of the most important thing you need to consider when buying gifts. Set a sum per person, whether it’s worth P200 or P500, and do not exceed it. Establishing a spending limit can be hard, but it will really help you save money.

3. Start saving now

Don’t wait for your 13 month pay or Christmas bonus before you buy gifts. If you’ll start saving on September, it will lessen your hassle and you will save a lot. Here’s a formula that might help you on saving money before you start shopping for the Holiday season:

4. Learn to DIY

Make postcards or scrapbooks, create a mix tape, or bake some sweet treats for your family and friends. Yes, it may take a little more effort but it’s really worth it and satisfying. You can also use old magazines and maps to wrap your gifts. Get creative!

5. Plan where to shop

Aside from mall sales, checking out tiangges and other shopping places can be fun and worth it. You can visit Ongpin if you want to score watches or other jewelries at an affordable price, Greenhills Shopping Center for good quality and reasonably priced bags, and of course, Divisoria, where you can find every gift idea you have ever thought of.

Illustration by Madel Crudo


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