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Our hearts are racing. This is teenage dream.

American pop superstar Katy Perry is releasing a feature-length film unveiling behind-the-scene clips from her four-day ‘Witness World Wide’ live stream.

The singer released a trailer across all her official social media accounts on Thursday, September 28.

The film Will You Be My Witness? will provide an extensive peek into the creation of, the duration and reflections about being surrounded by surveillance cameras for four straight days back in June to promote her fifth studio album, Witness. 

It is a project Perry herself described as ‘super bizarre’, ‘something big’, ‘something different’ and “something that’s never been done before.”

During the livestream project, health and wellness experts, political activists, artists, performers, and celebrities took part in important conversations on ‘everything I feel is important going on in our world today’.

Witness is about sexual liberation, mental liberation and spiritual liberation,” the 32-year-old singer said. “The reason why I called this album Witness is because everyone in the world is a witness. We are observing life, whether we are actively participating or we’re just at home observing. We are all a part of this world. I hope by being a part of Witness World Wide, I’ll provoke you to be an active witness,” she explained.

The feature film will also show all of who the pop star is: the glam, the good, the bad and the ugly. We love you no matter what, Katy!

Katy Perry: Will You Be My Witness is slated for an October 4 release on streaming app, Youtube Red.

Watch the trailer here:

Photo from Rolling Stone


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