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google flash ads

Forever does not exist… at least for Google and Adobe Flash.

It looks like Google has already found something better and it’s named HTML5. Starting June 30 this year, display advertisements will no longer be uploaded into AdWords and DoubleClick Digital Marketing. The two will totally part ways on January 2, 2017, wherein display ads in Flash format will no longer be running on the Google Display Network or even through DoubleClick.

The heartbreaking announcement was made by AdWords in a Google+ post on Tuesday (February 9, 2016), wherein Google also informed their users to update their display ads to HTML5 before the posted dates.

Google’s explanation runs on what would be better for their advertisers, somehow playing along the lines of “It’s not you, it’s me.”

As they put it: “Over the last few years, we’ve rolled out tools to encourage advertisers to use HTML5, so you can reach the widest possible audience across screens ( To enhance the browsing experience for more people on more devices, the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Digital Marketing are now going 100% HTML5.”

Google has started to get attached to HTML5 ad tools even for the past years. Just last year, it made HTML5 the default video player for YouTube.

This move benefits us as well. We hope they had a clean breakup, though!

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