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Almost a decade after they called it quits, Orange & Lemons are back!

Last Friday, September 29, Clem Castro and brothers Ace and JM Del Mundo, played their first full show together as a band for the ‘Armageddon Is Coming To Town’ gig.

The night of the sought-after comeback gig gave us way too many emotions. There was the excitement of seeing the band together and the enthusiasm in hearing our favorite tracks live after a long time.

MB Life got the chance to watch the memorable event and of course, we had to talk to the men behind O&L.

How are you guys?

Clem: So far, so good. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with this comeback gig and so many plans in the future. But of course, one step at a time. We’re still feeling ourselves. It’s been 10 years since we’ve been playing together. We’re still getting there.

Ace: Parang nagsa-start lang kami ulit. Kung ano yung O&L dati na nag-uumpisa, parang ganun din kami ngayon.

Clem: We’re just revisiting our roots. Back to basics. No big events or concerts, kaya we decided to do a bar tour instead. We’re also working on a single right now. So far yun ang mga nangyayari.

What have you been up to during the 10-year break?

Ace: After Orange & Lemons, kanya-kanyang banda. Tapos ako may business ako and nagha-handle ng banda.

Clem: He runs DarKus Music, I run Lilystars Records. We’re managing and producing some bands. At the same time, I have two musical projects, The Camerawalls and Dragonfly Collector. So this year, nagkasabay-sabay lahat. Haha!

JM: Kahit nawala yung O&L, about music pa rin talaga yung mga ginagawa namin. 

What inspired you to comeback together again as a group?

Clem: It’s not really an inspiration, it’s an itch we had to scratch.

Ace: Sobrang na-miss talaga namin.

Clem: I feel sorry for our catalog and we miss playing it. It’s a way for us na kapag tinutugtog namin ‘to, bumabalik kami sa 2003.

JM: Bumabata ulit kami.

Clem: It’s nice to look back kung paano kami nag-grow as musicians. From nobody to somebody. Na-appreciate namin yung journey and yung process. Kaya we want to relive it again. Nagulat nga kami na we’re still relevant. That’s why we wanna do it for people who are true fans of the music.

Will there be changes with the sound of O&L?

Ace: May konti sigurong experiments, pero back to basics talaga. So wala rin talagang mababago. Kumbaga, lalagyan lang namin ng konting flavor.

Clem: We will just play it by ear. Kasi ‘pag nag-plano naman kami, in terms of songwriting and recording, sa studio na talaga lahat nabubuo. So wala talagang rules. Siguro sa choices of songs to release, pero in terms of sound, we just go with the flow sa kung anong mangyayari or kung ano yung lalabas.

Ace: Kung ano yung papasok sa puso, ‘yun yung gagawin namin.

Clem: But we have definite goals, so those goals will guide us kung anong mangyayari in the coming months or maybe years. We’ll see.

Which bands from the local indie scene you like watching/listening?

Ace: Autotelic and Loop, yun talaga yung ilan sa mga gusto ko.

Clem: Discovery wise, I like Oh, Flamingo, Ourselves The Elves, The Buildings, and marami pang iba. There’s so many bands right now that deserves attention. Parang nung time rin namin, ang daming banda, pero isa lang kami sa mga pinalad na magkaroon ng break sa scene. As of now, we’re still discovering new acts.

Any dream collaboration?

Ace: Medyo wala pa talaga siya sa plano.

Clem: Personally, I wanna do a collaboration with Ely Buendia. I’m not sure yet, kasi medyo busy pa pareho. Pero he’s one the guys I wanna work with.

What can we expect after the comeback gig? 

Clem: As what I’ve mentioned, we’re doing bar tours and we’re releasing a new single. And sanawag nilang hanapin yung wala. Haha! Acceptance is the key.

What’s your message to you fans?

Clem: To our true fans who are there because of our music, who understands our music, what we’re doing right now is partly for you guys. We’re doing this not just for ourselves. Magkikita-kita na ulit tayo sa mga gigs.

Photo by Madel Crudo


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