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Model and actor Sebastian Castro confirmed breakup with former ABS-CBN reporter Ryan Chua.

On Thursday, October 5, Sebastian released a statement on Instagram that his relationship with Ryan has come to an end.

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In a separate post, the model-turned-actor said that he wanted to thank everyone for the love and support.

“i’m proud of the LGBT+ community we’ve built. it may not be perfect, but hey, a lot of u are trying to make it more intersect’l & inclusive, and you love is very much appreciated on a week like this. you know i’m not gonna be one of those couples that share their life on social media one day only to disappear w/o explanation the next. after everything ry and i shared with you in the last four years, y’all know i’m not that cruel.

“i meant to upload a short video tonight, but editing it has just been harder than usual, taking longer than usual. i may or may not have been getting emotional & needing to take breaks in between, but dont worry bimb, promise to upload something tmrw.”

Sebastian Castro and Ryan Chua admitted their relationship in 2014.

Featured image screen grabbed from Sebastian Castro | Facebook


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