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Friday the 13th is here again.

It’s the day often associated with misfortune and negativity, which is why some people avoid making plans on this day and stay at home instead, in the comfort of their bed and gadgets.

If you’re one of those who dread days like January 13 and October 13 of this year, chances are you have friggatriskaidekaphobia – the irrational fear of Friday the 13th.

While no local statistics show how many Filipinos are affected by this merge of an unlucky number and day, the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in California reported that 17-21 million Americans are trying to stay out of harm’s way on these days. Since you are, too (We don’t judge, okay?), might as well binge-watch on local horror films with a series of unfortunate events, way sinister compared to the Jim Carey movie.

Ready your popcorn and pillow to cover your mouth when you feel like screaming. Here are movies you can watch to further spookify your Friday the 13th:

1. Feng Shui (2004)

This supernatural horror film follows the story of Joy (Kris Aquino) who acquires a cursed bagua mirror. Widely believed as an item that brings luck, she puts it in her home, but things take a twisted turn. As the bagua brings luck to Joy, it also causes numerous deaths mysteriously linked to the victims’ Chinese zodiac signs. Famous for the pale, white lady with lotus feet and kids chanting, “May inuwi si nanay, si nanay sa bahay,” Feng Shui became remarkable for having one of the most original concepts for a Filipino horror movie.

2. The Road (2011)

This psychological horror thriller will keep you prepared with supernatural weapons for any road trip ahead because this one just went wrong in the worst way possible. In this film, investigators reopen a 12-year-old cold case after three teenagers disappear while traveling along a particularly infamous stretch of old and abandoned road. They begin to uncover that a gruesome murder was left undiscovered for three decades. The Road was released locally and internationally to mixed reviews and moderate success. Nevertheless, it’s a movie that will keep you on your toes.

3. Sukob (2006)

This film’s premise is based on a Filipino superstition in which one should not get married in the same year an immediate relative dies or is married or that no siblings should be married within a year. When Sandy (Kris Aquino) and Diana (Claudine Barreto) violates both, a series of death and misfortune haunts them, with their wedding trinkets mysteriously found in the scene. Sukob was both a critical and commercial success, locally and internationally. That should speak volumes of how freaky this movie is.

4. The Healing (2012)

This is another supernatural horror that follows Seth (Vilma Santos) whose ill father was healed by a faith healer, Manang Elsa (Daria Ramirez). Unbeknownst to her patrons like Seth, Manang Elsa’s power will cause paranormal events and a rash of suicides and murders. In all its twisted horrors, The Healing’s plot boils down to repaying in equal kind and terrifying ways everything that was taken.

5. Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara (1995)

A remake of Susan Roces’ 1974 film, this psychological horror film in 1995 follows the story of Barbara (Lorna Tolentino), who sacrifices her love Nick (Tonton Gutierrez) for her younger sister Ruth (Dawn Zulueta) and leaves them after they get married. Years later, Barbara returns to look after her unstable niece as Ruth killed herself. Strange events start taking place and the house seems to be haunted. Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara is like your classic Babangon Ako at Dudurigin Kita, only more terrifying and twisted.

Which of these movies will you watch today? Feng Shui all the way!

Photo from Far East Film


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