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Actress Nadine Lustre has finally broken her silence over her brother Isaiah’s death.

In an Instagram post on Friday, October 13, Nadine posted an emotional message for her late brother, who died a few days before.

“I’m so proud of you. Never knew you had such talent with words. I’m happy to have read all of your entries and discover that you have such a beautiful mind.

“Thank you for opening my eyes and making me braver. I know now that whatever challenge I will have to face, I will be able to pull through because of you,” she wrote.

Nadine also shared how much she was going to miss her baby brother.

“I’m gonna miss your face and miss hearing your corny jokes. I wish you stayed with us longer. I am keeping my promise and we will still travel the world together. No more crying. Happy Birthday Dude. 🎈 Joyeux voyage, je t’aime frère♡ (Happy journey, I love you brother).”

According to a report from Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Isaiah Lustre was found dead on October 8 inside his family’s home in Quezon City. It added that they recovered an empty shell of a .38 caliber gun at the scene.

On her Instagram story last October 12, Nadine asked the visitors of her brother’s funeral to respect her and her grief.

“May I request to please refrain from posting/reposting photos and videos of me from the funeral. Let’s give respect. This is for EVERYONE,” Nadine wrote.

Photo screen grabbed from Nadine Lustre’s IG story

She also told her fans that she’s reading their messages and will respond soon.

And to everyone who’s been sharing me stories of weakness, I’m reading. Wait for me… I GOT U,” she added. 

Photo screen grabbed from Nadine Lustre’s IG story

Prior to these, the 22-year-old actress posted two Instagram stories two days after her brother’s death: a semicolon with the hashtag #KeepGoing; and another which read “You are stronger than depression.”

Our deepest condolences to Nadine and her family.


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