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Celebrity surfer and fitness enthusiast Luke Landrigan is the new face of Skyjet Airlines!

The exciting news was announced last September 18 at the Kermit Surf in Siargao. 

Luke is currently considered to be the face of Philippine surfing. He is also an inspiration to many Filipinos to become surfers and make careers out of it. 

During the launch, the airline gave Landrigan a customized longboard with Skyjet logo to formally welcome him to the Skyjet Airlines family. Skyjet considers the Fil-Aussie surfer fit to represent the brand, as he himself is a surfer, and considers Siargao his second home. Siargao is one of the main flight points of Skyjet Airlines and it is the only airline that offers direct flights from Manila to Siargao in just 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You might want to meet Luke Landrigan at the 3rd Travel Sale Fair of Skyjet Airlines on October 13-15.


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