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Anne Curtis came to her It’s Showtime co-host’s defense after a netizen mocked Nadine Lustre for working and having fun at the set after her brother’s demise.

It started when a fan account tweeted a photo of Anne and Nadine during the show’s 8th anniversary kick-off.

A Twitter user named @kathxnielonly replied to the photo mocking Lustre for her advocacy about depression.

namatayan na nga nagagawa pang mag inarte na ganyan. advocacy pang keep going ulul  pa rin without pretentions,” it wrote.

Anne commented directly to the rude tweet and said: “You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So back off.” BURN!

The said tweet garnered a lot of reactions from the Twitter peeps and already has over 500 replies, 3.5k retweets, and 9k likes.

Nadine has finally broken her silence over her brother Isaiah’s death last October 13 and opened up about her depression and encouraged those who are suffering from depression to #keepgoing.

Featured image screen grabbed from Anne Curtis and Nadine Lustre


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