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Teaching is a noble profession that will never be outdated. Ages ago, Aristotle guided Alexander the Great in achieving what is arguably the most successful military conquest in the history. Today, teachers with whatever label they may have – mentors, professors, or coach, continue to shape the lives of their fortunate students.

Fast forward to 2017, teachers evolved not only with their training methodologies but also the way on how they present themselves. Undeniably, style selection is a major component of their personality in academe.

Classroom outfits provide students a glimpse of a teacher’s lifestyle and it inspires them to reach the eminence of their mentors. Atty. Andre de Jesus of De La Salle University (DLSU) is undoubtedly one of the professors who brought classroom fashion to a higher level.

De Jesus is a professor, litigator debate coach, gun enthusiast, photographer, and band vocalist. On top of that, he is a campus fashion icon in DLSU. He teaches various law subjects such as Obligations and Contracts, Criminal Law, and Partnership and Corporations.

His daily style features slick suits coupled with perfectly done neckties. It was no surprise when the Facebook page of a student organization officially branded him as “One of the most sought after professors in DLSU.”

He attributed the development of his fashion sense to his wife, Jennifer Mariño-de Jesus. Jennifer was among the handpicked professionals who started Zara in the Philippines. Jennifer’s experience as a lifestyle and fashion professional helped the development of her husband’s fashion sense.

In choosing a suit, the seasoned professor identified fit and color as his primary considerations. “Most of my suits are tailored,” he shared. Meanwhile, his choices of colors are aligned with his profession. “I attend court hearings often, so almost all my suits are navy and gray,” he stated.

Comfort and durability tops the priority list for de Jesus when it comes to shoe selection. “For court appearances, however, I prefer rubber-soled variants of Colehaan and Rockport,” de Jesus revealed. According to him, these brands complement his propensity to walk a lot during litigation.

De Jesus shared that his father influenced him to patronize classic designs. “I tend to stick to classic items for a classic look,” he said. De Jesus shared his favorite accessory brands as follows:

  • Watch: Breitling
  • Belt: Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Pen: Montblanc

“I always make it a point to match my shoes with my belt,” he added, referring to the color of the items.

Undeniably, personal style is a major component of overall confidence. De Jesus ascribe to the importance of style in the professional setting. “If we are not confident that our attire even approximates our own standards of what is respectable, it will definitely show in the manner we carry ourselves,” he said.

Personal style is a mode of communication. In an era where global connectivity is not a problem, fashion trends change faster than ever before. Considering this, de Jesus prescribed a single tip for all of us.

“Cliché as it may sound, just be yourself,” he advised. While conformity to existing fashion trends may be tempting, there is nothing better than establishing a personal identity. “Being yourself makes your attire an expression of yourself,” de Jesus emphasized.

All teachers have a unique image. They dress and teach differently. But they all share in common the desire and willingness to shape our minds at the expense of countless sacrifices. For that, they deserve our utmost appreciation. Let this month be a reminder of how great our teachers are!


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