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Back to the Future II was the first to feature an actual hoverboard. It was used in the scene when Marty McFly had to escape Griff and his gang members in Hill Valley 2015.

Since then, the idea of the hoverboard captured the imaginations of people. There were even rumors in the ‘90s that actual hoverboards existed.

Fast forward 20 years later, a “hoverboard” was introduced. This “hoverboard” is basically a Segway without the handle. To be more specific, it is a self-balancing two wheeled personal transport. It gained popularity when many celebrities were seen getting on it.

This“hoverboard”, however, is not a hoverboard per se. The foremost qualification for a true hoverboard is that it has to hover. What we now know as the “hoverboard” doesn’t even hover at all. It simply gives you the illusion that you are hovering, but even the skateboards and the roller skates did the same.

Watch justin bieber on a hoverboard:

Lexus, the Japanese carmaker, however, was successful in making an actual hoverboard. Their hoverboard, which they named “Slide,” works similar to how maglev trains float above ground. The interaction of magnets and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors make the board float above ground.

Sadly, Lexus’ hoverboard can only go over surfaces that have magnets built into them. Going beyond these magnetic surfaces would cause the board to drop immediately. Besides this, liquid nitrogen has to be refilled every so often to keep the superconductors supercooled.

Watch the official video of the Lexus Slide:

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