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Netizens are sharing their experiences taking the entrance test to the University of the Philippines, following its first round of admission examinations on Saturday, October 20.

Held annually, UPCAT or the University of the Philippines College Admission Test, is considered one of the most competitive in the country where only 1 out 6 examinees get admitted. High school – now K-12 – students from all over the country vie for a slot to hopefully earn their way in to one of the country’s top university.

The #KwentongUPCAT topped the local Twitter trends list, with netizens tweeting their hilarious memories and sentiments on what many consider as a ‘make-or-break’ exam.

Here are some of the stories we’ve seen:

Food will always be a priority.

Aminan na!

Teach me your ways.

This is one heck of a lodi UPCAT story. Hats off to you!

A totally extra exam requires just as much effort, even with pencils.

Awww, the nostalgia!

How about scratching your classmate, instead? Priorities, bes. Okay?

Jabee Chicken Joy may not be the most UPCAT-friendly food.

We’ll never truly know until the results are out.

Break a leg (figuratively), lad!

How about you? What is your #KwentongUPCAT?


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