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The Metro Rail Transport (MRT) operations was delayed on Monday morning, October 23, due to an unlikely culprit – a diaper caught on the power lines.

The disposable diaper was spotted hanging on the MRT’s overhead catenary system between the Ayala and Buendia MRT stations north bound at 6:01 a.m., according to MRT Operations Director Engr. Deo Manalo, and made train passage impossible.

Limited trips or provisional service from North Avenue to Shaw Boulevard stations and vice versa were immediately implemented at 6:16 a.m. until 7:43 a.m., with only eight trains running.

The delay caused long lines of commuters on a Monday rush hour, some reaching as far as the street below the stations, while others were forced to take alternative transportation means.

It was not clear how the diaper got to the power line but netizens on Twitter had mixed reactions on MRT’s latest mishap.

Shookth, indeed.

We all know who had a stinky win for over an hour. *cries*

Oooh, the shade. That’s a commuter’s piece of mind for you, MRT.

The MRT, inaugurated in 2000, serves roughly 500,000 passengers daily. Apart from allegations of irregularities in the purchase of new but unusable trains, it has also suffered stoppages in the recent years due to multiple technical problems.

Who do you think is the culprit in the MRT-diaper mishap?

Photo from @jacquemanabat


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