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Looks like we need to be #BerryBrave to try this.

Local fast food chain Jollibee unveiled their newest and most unique offering to date – the Strawberry Fries and Strawberry Tea Float – and netizens are having mixed feelings about it.

The big reveal was made on Jollibee’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts on Friday, October 27, following a series of teasers posted early this week.

This is Jollibee’s latest addition to its roster of fun options to enjoy its best-selling snacks. This time, a sweet, fruity twist is coming in stores on Monday.

While fruity flavors have been incorporated on Jollibee’s menu in the past (blueberry float, strawberry sundae, peach-mango pie), it may well be the first time that soft-serve ice cream will go on top of a non-carbonated drink.

It will also be the first time for the chain’s Crispy Fries to be coated with strawberry-flavored powder, an odd, intriguing and quite frankly, mind-blowing choice which had everyone asking pretty much the same question: How would it taste like?

Here are some of the initial Twitter reactions we’ve seen on Jollibee’s strawberry-flavored snacks:

We feel you.

May the force of #BerryBrave be with you.

It’s just such an odd combo.

“Matapos lahat ng Chickenjoy moments na pinagsamahan natin?” says Jollibee.

Jollyspagberry and yumberry are cool names. We hope they taste good.

They put the two together, anyway.

Hit me baby one more time to convince myself that strawberry fries are real.

Jollibee is an ultimate favorite, though.

Yes. There are people down for strawberry fries. How to be you po?

We are, too.


What are your thoughts on Jollibee’s strawberry-flavored snacks? We still think it’s worth trying!

Photo from @iambryangarcia


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