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Halloween is officially here and that means going to trick-or-treats and dress up parties everywhere.

With so many costumes and makeup looks to do, it’s easy to get lost and give up altogether. Never mind that Halloween party you promised to attend. Being in character is just overwhelming.

But if you do change your mind and find yourself looking for last minute ideas, you’re in luck.

Here are some of the country’s top beauty vloggers with looks you can try this Halloween:

1. Anna Cay’s Glam Gore

Want to look spooky and glamorous at the same time? Anna Cay finds the perfect balance with her Glam Gore look. All you’ll ever need are: liquid latex, tissue, foundation, black color make-up, red lipstick, thick clotted blood, paper twine and liquid blood. Voila! You can now go from slaying to scary in a flash.

2. Anne Clutz’s White Lady

The white lady is a certified go-to-look every Halloween and Anne Clutz showed her very own version of it. It might look simple but it’s guaranteed to creep anyone out of their wits. Using foundation, eyeshadow, contour, and different colors of lipsticks, you can easily achieve this look. Go to Balete Drive to extra scary.

3. Raiza Cantawi’s Cracked Skull

If you have a few more hours to spare before that Halloween party, you can try Raiza Contawi’s Cracked Skull look. As the beauty vlogger said herself, it’s a straight up, Halloween skull ready to scare others. Apart from a lip liner, blush, color makeup, wedge sponge, pointed brushes, eyeshadow, contour and setting powder, clay mask was also used to add texture to the skin. That’s skin care and makeup in one, which is especially good when your party will last for hours.

4. Michelle Dy’s Pop Art Look

If you got invited to trick or treat just five minutes ago, spare ten more to achieve Michelle Dy’s unique, pop art Halloween look. Look like you came straight out of a comic book and look like a real-life graphic novel character with foundation, tons of liquid eyeliner, brow products, blush and electric violet lipstick. If you have your special someone with you, try Vince’s vampire look.

5. Anna Cay’s Glam Mummy

Anna Cay is on a roll this Halloween with her spooky yet glamorous looks only this time, it’s a mummy. Using foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, blush, brow gel, eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes, highlighter, liquid lipstick, gauze, black face paint, thick clotted blood and liquid blood, channel that glam Cleopatra-like and Egyptian mummy look.

Which look will you attend your Halloween parties with? We’ll try all of it!

Featured image from Anna Cay


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