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Aside from providing an alternative solution to beat the Metro Manila traffic, Angkas has been the talk of the town because of their witty social media posts.

Even though you’re not familiar with the motorcycle booking app, we’re pretty sure that you’ve seen one of its funny promotional announcements and their memes.

With that, allow us to list some of the funniest Angkas tweets that we’ve seen on their accounts so far:

Grabe kayo kay Mocha, pero ~same~

Condolence po. 🙁 

Huyyy, kalma. Hahaha!

Twitter thread para less hassle!

Sorry, bes.

Werpa ka lodi!

The shade!!

Oh, i’m so sorry…uhm…my pamily..

This is all of us on a Monday (or everyday lol).

We feel so attacked.

More power to the Angkas social media team!


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