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Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich has opened up that his chemotherapy is working but that “something is showing up” in his lungs.

The Youtube star shared recent developments on his colon cancer treatment in a vlog last Monday, November 6. “The good news is that the chemo is effective because the tumor shrank. The bad news is they found something in my lungs. They’re not sure what it is,” he said.

While he was hoping to get a clear answer, the scan remained inconclusive.

“The worst part for me is that they can’t rule out that it’s cancer and that’s all I want to hear,” Wil candidly said.

This will be “a bit of a setback” because his chemo treatment program will be put on hold until doctors identify what was detected in his lungs. He was set to do as many cycles as he is able.

What terrifies Wil the most, however, is the possibility of the cancer spreading. He was told by the doctor that should colon cancer metastasize, it immediately affects the lungs.

“I was just shook up after that one day and then you dwell on it and you get — I wouldn’t say sad — just scared. It’s just fear. It’s the first time that I’ve ever really felt great fear,” he admitted.

He added that waiting and not having any definite answer is also “the hardest part” for him, but that it’s part of the process of beating cancer.

Despite the news, Wil reassured viewers that he is doing great and that he will continue living his life to the fullest. While he still can, he will continue to go hiking and traveling around California, where he is currently based.

Moving forward, he also said that he will meet a pulmonologist to go through another series of medical scans and tests to find out what’s going on in his lungs.

The 26-year-old vlogger rose to fame for his travel videos. He endeared himself to Filipino audiences with his video series, “The Art of Tagalog,” and the video of him and his father speaking the gay lingo. Wil was first diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer late in August.

Watch Wil Dasovich’s full vlog here:

Photo from Wil Dasovich


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