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Almost paradise, GMA. Almost.

Instead of excitement and major nostalgic feelings, the online Filipino community are expressing disapproval over GMA’s Filipino remake of the widely successful Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

The local television network behind the Pinoy reboot of My Love From The Star and oppa-inspired My Korean Jagiya signed a co-production deal with JU Entertainment Movie and Drama Inc. on Thursday, November 9 to produce the widely successful television series that catapulted its lead actor Lee Min Ho to Hallyu royalty.

The reaction on Twitter, however, was not so majestic. In fact, it is in stark contrast to an earlier announcement of rival network ABS-CBN that it has already acquired the rights to air the new Meteor Garden – the predecessor of Boys Over Flowers – currently under development in Taiwan.

Many netizens worried that the well-loved series from Korea would not live up to expectations, citing quality and viewership issues of the network’s past reboots.

Here are some of the reactions we’ve seen on Twitter:

It’ll most likely be over all dead bodies of hardcore Boys Over Flower fans. Good luck keeping count.

Even the Pitch Perfect’s lead Treblemaker Bumper Allen had his vocal cords affected over the news that he could only make face.

We’re a bit exhausted from all the negativity, too.

Kalma, mga besh. Kalma.

Respectable treatment of the original show’s plot and characters will surely yield stellar viewership and massive following. Our fingers are crossed.

Casting the attractive quartet and Jan Di will prove to be just as arduous as convincing people to watch the local remake.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are a good pick but considering their existing stint in Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye as AlDub, viewers might find it difficult to see them in a different light.

Rebooting iconic shows, no matter how profitable they may be, is not always a safe bet.

We’re hoping, though, that the Pinoy reboot would turn out fine.

The sensational Taiwanese drama from 2001 is known to have largely influenced its TV reboots in Japan (2005) and in Korea (2009).

Based on the Japanese manga series Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers follows the story of a spunky school girl named Geum Jan Di who receives a scholarship grant to enter a prestigious academy after saving one of its student’s life. She would eventually capture the interest of four rich, popular and handsome guys Gu Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin collectively known as Flower 4 or F4. It was aired locally in ABS-CBN back in 2010.

Photo from Drama Fever


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