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Apartel released a new music video for their song “Guijo St.” and it transported everyone back to the sweet memories of the ‘80s.

Starring Jermaine Choa Peck of The Ransom Collective and Cheats’ Enzo Hermosa, the “Guijo St.” video highlights some of our favorite things from the past: spin the bottle, classic board games, colorful outfits, and of course, the unforgettable senior prom dance.

The music video launch held last November 3 at Mow’s Bar in Quezon City, was an ‘80s themed party where artists and attendees came with their best retro outfit.

Pat Sarabia, one of the directors and Apartel’s drummer said that the idea of the music video came from the ‘80s film directed by John Hughes, Pretty In Pink.

We were watching mga ‘80s romcoms that time. Tapos ayun it [the idea] came up na,” she said.  

When it comes to working with the actors, Sarabia said that the two has the right chemistry and the acting skills to convincingly portray lovers in the music video.

“Jerms has theatre background and Enzo, we had a good hunch about him. [It] turns out that he took some acting classes as well. So we’re really lucky to have them,” she added.

The “Guijo St.” music video is directed by Pat Sarabia and Audry Dionisio and written by Dionisio and Apartel’s frontman Ely Buendia.

Watch Apartel’s “Guijo St.” here:


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