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What would you do if one day, you find out that you had super powers? Would you do your best to eradicate it or just keep it to save your family?

If you’re a fan of psychokinetic-themed films like Brian de Palma’s Carrie and David Cronenberg’s Scanners, Psychokinesis might be something you want to look forward in 2018.

Psychokinesis is an upcoming Korean film from Yeon Sang-Ho, the director of blockbuster film Train to Busan. Starring Ryu Seung-ryong, Shim Eun-kyung, and Park Jung-mi, the movie tells the story of a father who accidentally obtains superpowers and tries to use them to save his troubled daughter.

The film was picked up as one of three films acquired by Netflix from Contents Panda, an International Business Division of top Korean distributor Next Entertainment World. Other movies included in the roster of Netflix’s Korean films are Yang Woo-seok’s Steel Rain and The Chase by Kim Hong-sun.

The online streaming site has been involved in producing Korean films like Bong Joon-ho’s Okja, the popular movie about a 13-yr-old girl named Mija and her beloved super pig Okja, which will soon be repackaged by a corporation as a tasty treat.

“We are excited to partner with Next Entertainment World to bring multiple upcoming Korean films including director Yeon Sang-Ho’s Psychokinesis to our global members. Netflix will continue to keep a close eye on great global content, as we are committed to providing the best entertainment to our members around the world,” said Rob Roy, VP of Content Acquisition at Netflix.

Psychokinesis will be available globally on Netflix in 2018.


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