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Who says wish lists are only for Christmas? We’ll wait out ours ’til March next year.

Four years after his last visit to the country, award-winning American singer and songwriter John Legend is returning to Manila for a one-night concert at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. While it’s still four months away (March 21st feels like forever, by the way), we’re certainly hopeful that we’ll get to savor some – if not all – of his music’s soulful goodness.

Here are 10 songs we’d love to hear from the “Darkness and Light Tour” in Manila:

1. Used To Love U

Used To Love U is the song that started it all for Legend. It was a debut single (and album) that not only lived up to the hype but rose above it. We’re curious to hear Legend’s take on his very first song release 13 years and lots of musical growth later.

2. Ordinary People

Praised for its raw emotion, simplicity and lyrical reflectiveness, Ordinary People combined the simple stark of piano and Legend’s voice range, catapulting the starry-eyed dreamer to the big leagues of the music industry. He proved to be even more than ordinary when he won the Grammy Award Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for this song.

3. Save Room

Even though a 20,000-seater coliseum has been saved for John, it would still be a sweet treat to hear him singing Save Room, asking his fans to,”Save room for my love. Save room for a moment to be with me. Save room for my love, save a little.”

4. Heaven

While this is not Legend’s most popular song, Heaven is quite literally much like his voice. The song also earned him another Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

5. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)

No act is more fitting for a public display of affection than to show up in another country miles away from your home and perform in front of fans who have been waiting for four long years. We’ll just show up to hear Legend’s brand of R&B and soul and just not care. Besides, there’s a big chance we’ll hear this song, too.

6. Green Light

Just when people expected Legend to stick to pianos and ballads, he opted for a funk, electro sound composed of electronic synths and fast, synthesized beats for Green Light. It’s an obvious shift in musical style but a legend is only capable of staying legendary. Legend’s big voice can still be heard and we’d love to see just that when he finally sets foot on the stage next year.

7. Everybody Knows

Everybody deserves to know just how much of a talent the singer-songwriter is and Everybody Knows is one of the most lyrically honest and reflective song that has ever graced our John Legend-loving ears and heart. We wouldn’t mind hearing it again at concert night.

8. All of Me

All of us undeniably loves the simplicity and modesty of All Of Me. It was such as massive hit in 2014 that some poked fun at it and called it the national anthem. We won’t ever truly get sick of hearing it, though, will we? Especially live?

9. Start A Fire

Here’s to the ones who both love La La Land and John Legend. Start A Fire at the concert night will surely bring back all the memorable big screen scenes of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone from a year ago.

10. Beauty and the Beast

Legend’s talent can take on a song for a tale as old as time like a piece of cake. Beauty and the Beast is just beautiful all over and how magical it would be to hear a live duet with a local singer like Morisette Amon or Jonalyn Viray.

What John Legend song would you like him to sing in his concert?

Photo from Metro Radio Arena


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